Group Services

SLM Developments offers a selection of skilled services to cater to every element of the property and development industry.

Property Development /
Project Management

In order for SLM Developments to achieve its vision of providing quality living environments for households of all levels in well-planned integrated communities, a structured and disciplined process of project management is applied to each development project, from the inception stages, right through to completion.

These services extend to:

  • Initial Planning
  • On-site Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Monthly Reporting

Portfolio Management


SLM Developments, through INQB8 Portfolio Management, offers the fund management structure to provide the day-to-day management of the various Residential Long-term Funds (LTF’s). The LTF’s are created to provide a long-term income yield and capital growth property portfolio of residential rental assets. This proves to be an attractive asset class, as the market generally struggle to find adequate mortgage finance from banks, but can afford to pay market-related rentals.

The management function include, inter alia:

  • Rental of Properties
  • Facilities Management of Assets (including maintenance)
  • Administration
  • Reporting and Finance

Sales & Marketing


SLM Developments is acutely aware that studies have shown that more effective sales results are achieved when setting up a designated sales company solely focused on selling the properties within a specific development. It is for this reason that a committed sales team with relevant experience, product knowledge and the appropriate levels of expertise in development sales has been formulated.

Additionally, SLM believes that marketing is the backbone of any effective sales solution and adequate, effective and intelligent marketing is always a major driver in the success of any development. In this regard, a leading property and development marketing company, ADLAB Advertising, has been appointed to work with SLM Developments in order to formulate a purpose-driven and tailor-made marketing strategy.

SLM Sales and Marketing is registered with the EAAB (F148014).

Skill Solutions


As an implementation partner to property developers, the company supports large-scale residential and mixed-use development projects with the implementation of a skills capacitation model that aims to positively impact socio-economic imbalances and challenges.

Private Credit


A collaboration between Creation Capital and SLM Developments forming a leading private credit provider – Stockhouse Capital – providing development and acquisition finance solutions to developers and property investors in the affordable, social rental and subsidized housing sector.

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